We’re a part of GlobalCom PR network and a team of keen PR specialists who help our clients build long-term relationships with their stakeholders. Regardless of industry or target group.

In our book, the end result is most important, so we prioritise initial efforts to build a strong foundation – a solid branding platform, well-considered planning and target group analysis. We also evaluate and review every initiative we undertake.

Welcome to Umeå at any time

Punkt PR is headquartered in Umeå in the middle of the Nordic countries. Umeå is the biggest city in northern Sweden. It’s a young and dynamic university city, enjoying some of the highest levels of technology adoption.

We follow trends with great interest, within both technology and communication, spurring our desire to use the channels and means that can best reach our clients’ customers.

Contact the Punkt PR team

To learn more please contact us at info@punktpr.se or contact any of our team members.

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